Well the big day has almost arrived. You have been looking forward to this corporate day for a long time but as the time approaches you are getting nervous about how you are going to play. If this is the case then hopefully the following tips and stretching exercises will help you prepare for the day.

Of course if you are very comfortable with how you are going to play then you probably should not be in this area. Why not check out the Course Playing Tips and get some inside knowledge on how to play the golf course and also to see what it looks like.

GOLFSelect would like to acknowledge the assistance of The Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic for their contribution in relation to stretching before you go out to play. The exercises provided below will help you to perform at your optimal level on the day.

Common Problems

Most golfers do not only poorly prepare their bodies before playing golf in fact many golfers are actually limiting good golf performance by poor or useless warm up techniques prior to hitting off on the first tee.

Having treated and given personal golf fitness assessments to in excess of three thousand golfers we have produced "twelve self testing golf specific exercises" to not only prepare your body for four to five hours of golf but also to check common weaknesses in your golf swing and improve your posture.

Common postural problems identified on the first tee

  • Excessively bent over the ball
  • Poor posture at impact over the ball

Common ineffective exercises performed by golfers

  • Bouncing forward
  • Twisting forward with a golf club
  • Neck Circling
  • Sit ups with legs straight

We have outlined two golf exercises which can be of use to you prior to playing each game of golf.

First Golf Fitness Test—The Crucifix Position

Using a wall for support, keep the small of your back, shoulder blades and back of your neck against the wall ensuring your upper neck muscles are relaxed. Place the back of your palms and arms back against the wall with your tummy braced and sucked in. Hold for ten to thirty seconds repeating three times.

Benefits to the golfer

  • This will get your spine and postural muscles into a good postural position which will in turn improve your body awareness in the address position when your over your golf ball
  • It will stretch tight muscles at the front of your body caused by fixed prolonged functional activities prior to arriving at the golf course eg Computer work, using a mobile phone, gardening or driving
  • It will strengthen the postural muscles that are weakened by the above functional activities and are also necessary for good spinal position throughout the golf swing
  • It will reduce the risk of spinal injuries and back pain as a result of prolonged bending and twisting in short and long game practice Recommendations:

Prior to carrying out these exercises ensure that you work within a pain free range.

If you have a serious back, abdominal or hip condition contact your doctor or physiotherapist before commencing this exercise

Second Golf Fitness Test—Pure Spinal Rotation

  • Maintaining the crucifix position take two footsteps forward away from the wall. Ensure that you retain your spine in the upright position, your shoulder blades pointing downwards towards your buttocks and your tummy sucked in. Now turn your body to the right and towards the wall behind you ensuring that you keep your shoulders level and your hips in front. Hold for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Carry out the same exercise for left side repeating both sides three times.

Common Weaknesses in the swing identified with this test

  • Hip Sliding with excessive knee bending
  • Shoulders Dropping

Benefits to the Golfer

  • Helps maintain good lower body position for stability in the swing
  • Helps maintain good spine angles on backswing and followthrough
  • Helps coordinate the lower body, trunk and upper body which in turn will improve the golfer's position on impact

Prior to carrying out these exercises ensure that you work within a pain free range.

If you have a serious back, abdominal or hip condition contact your doctor or physiotherapist before commencing this exercise.

For personal information on golf specific fitness and postural assessments contact: The Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic (Tel: 03-9569-9448)