The GolfDayPro system has been designed to take the hassle, effort and mistakes out of the planning of your next golf day whilst at the same time adding fun and memories for all participants. Developed by professional golf day management company GOLFSelect – a leader in the golf event management field for over 15 years, the online system draws upon extensive experience gained from running hundreds of dedicated golf events throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Personalised Invitations

First impressions count. Impress your clients with a personalized, professionally designed, company branded golf day invitation. Uploading your guest names is a breeze and sending bulk invites out as simple as the push of a button.

GolfDayPro Invitation Sample

GolfDayPro Manage RSVPs Sample


Watch behind the scenes as client responses are automatically updated in the secure, online database.

Clients answer your pre-determined RSVP questions and provide you with real time, accurate attendee status for your golf day.

Gone are the days of multiple, messy spreadsheets, time consuming manual updating and frustrating telephone follow up.

Client Contact

Communication with your clients prior to the day is important. 

GolfDayPro allows you to confirm all golf day elements with your registered players by way of a pre game email typically sent a few days prior to the event.

Attendees can update their requirements online which in turn immediately updates all reports and player information.

GolfDayPro Client Contact Sample

GolfDayPro Mobile Scorecard Sample


GolfDayPro comes with an impressive suite of reports – all designed to help you administer the smooth running of the day itself. 

In addition to group and alphabetical player lists, GolfDayPro also enables the organizer to print out name tags, bag tags, group cards, scorecard stickers and more. 

Furthermore when changes occur to player attendance (as they invariably do in all golf days) reports are automatically updated negating the need to re-perform messy mail merging.

Event Day Registration

The day itself brings with it many challenges including the efficient registration of all players. In addition to GolfDayPro providing group and player reports which can be used for registration the system offers a powerful, user friendly online registration interface.

Players are registered with a simple click of the mouse. On the day grouping changes are easily managed by clicking and dragging players into alternate groups.

Name changes, replacement players, handicap adjustments and more are all expected and seamlessly handled through GolfDayPro. Prepare to be stress free at your golf day!

GolfDayPro Player Registration Sample

GolfDayPro Mobile Scoring Sample

Mobile Scoring

Golfers like to know how they are going on course. GDPScoreTracker provides this and more through mobile scoring on players own mobile devices.

Working across all mobile operating systems and without the need to download or purchase apps, hole scores are entered by players as they make their way around the course.

Instant access to real time leaderboards is immediately available.

Players can also view hole playing tips, competition holes as well as sponsor logos as they play each hole.

To keep the suspense of the day intact, the leaderboard is turned off after 14 holes thus preserving the final result until the prize presentations.

Clubhouse Leaderboard

For those attendees not playing in the golf day they can view the live leaderboard in the clubhouse on any internet enabled television. Additionally anyone in the world can view the live leaderboard on their mobile phone by browsing to the website and entering the event code.

After the Day

The day is over but not quite! A post game email can be sent to all players thanking them for attending the day and directing them to a comprehensive post game website.

Full playing results, photos from on course and prize presentations are featured and attendees can also post comments about how much fun they had on the day.

GolfDayPro Post-Game Sample

More Information

GolfDayPro is available for your next golf day and can be set up in as little as 10 minutes.

Our comprehensive database of all golf courses in Australia and New Zealand as well as many overseas courses means that your golf day will be fully populated with complete information about the golf course.

The GolfDayPro system is also extremely well priced with a variety of options available for single and multiple golf days and will save you many hours in the preparation for your golf day.

Contact one of the following GolfDayPro team on +61-3-9563-6776 and we can talk about your specific requirements:

  • Gary Lisbon
  • Janet Bowman

Alternatively send us an email at and we will sure to contact you immediately.