Golf Event Management

Golf is Australia's most popular corporate sport. No other sporting activity allows members of a corporate organisation to spend eight to ten hours with actual or potential clients in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Few other sports can lure senior executives from their heavy workloads and other commitments.

A well organised corporate or fundraising golf day is a relatively inexpensive but effective way to:

  • Distinguish your company from your competition
  • Build relationships with potential clients
  • Reinforce relationships with existing clients
  • Thank clients for their valued custom
  • Raise funds for your nominated organisation

An important part of ensuring a successful event is to make sure that all elements of the day are organised in a professional and seamless manner. This is how GOLFSelect can get involved.

Who is GOLFSelect?

GOLFSelect tailors corporate golf days to meet the individual needs of each client company. Our long-standing, well established relationships with all of Australia's key golf clubs helps to ensure a unique corporate event.


  • works to agreed budgets and in close consultation with each client to build a memorable and effective golf day.
  • offers you outstanding experience in event management having been in operation for over 19 years and run thousands of successful golf events
  • can organise your golf day throughout Australia and New Zealand, either as a stand alone event or part of a national program
  • is at the cutting edge of technology having developed the revolutionary GolfDayPro - a comprehensive cloud based, event management system designed to streamline the management of your golf day and add fun and memorability for all participants
  • offers professional photography services

GOLFSelect also organises a number of fund raising golf days for small and large charities. 

The Role of GOLFSelect

Once you have decided to hold a corporate golf day, a key factor in ensuring its success is professional organisation and presentation. That is where GOLFSelect has an important role to play.

Some corporate organisations feel they have the ability and expertise to organise a golf day internally however when you consider the following it becomes apparent that this is not always the case:

  • Your staff were hired to perform jobs other than organising golf days
  • It is common to underestimate the amount of time and resources necessary to manage a successful golf day
  • If you are involved in running the day then this leaves little or no time to entertain your clients
  • If a golf day is not organised properly the positive marketing benefit such an event should create will be lost

GOLFSelect have the expertise and experience to professionally organise a memorable day:

  • We know and understand corporate and fundraising golf day having run thousands of events throughout Australia and New Zealand over the last 19 years.
  • We specialise in organising corporate golf days and have created cost efficiencies which will make your day less expensive to run
  • Our innovative and creative ideas will help to ensure your golf day is remembered over all others
  • Our corporate golf website is the first such website in the world and is used to profile and record your event
  • Our knowledge and ability to source unique and relevant prizes will help to make your golf day more memorable

The GOLFSelect Way

A memorable and successful corporate golf day requires considerable attention to detail and organisational ability. GOLFSelect work with you in ech of these areas to ensure nothing is left to chance. There are a number of distinct areas involved in organising a golf day. 

  1. Initial meeting to discuss your needs
  2. Identification, selection and booking of golf course
  3. Setup of event website and sending out invitations
  4. Co-ordinating RSVP responses
  5. Planning on the day entertainment options, player giveaways and prizes
  6. Managing the day itself
  7. Post event wrap up, debrief and planning for next event

These areas are discussed in more detail at the appropriate time.

What is Included

We recognise that different companies may want to exert different levels of influence on the golf day. We fully understand and respect this and will work with you in whatever way you like offering a variety of our services as required.

Contact us via our enquiry form to find out more.

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Gary Lisbon, Managing Director and Owner, GOLFSelect

Gary Lisbon Managing Director and Owner

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Chloe Chapman Corporate Golf Specialist